Stupid People

November 11, 2008 at 8:46 pm (Uncategorized)

We all have our moments when we space out due to other things on our mind or just lack of sleep. This morning though I saw a few people that were just stupid.

I was at the bank. Yes I know it is closed today because of Veteran’s Day. I was going to deposit a check through the ATM. Well there were a few people that didn’t know today is Veteran’s Day.

The bank is setup so when it is closed you have to insert your ATM card into a slot and the door will open. There were 3 people that didn’t realize that is what you had to do. A guy in line in front of me opened the door for another woman who was struggling with the door issue and once she got into the ATM area, realized it is Veteran’s Day. One guy was pulling on the door with his business checkbook in hand. Again another not realizing the bank was closed.

There were at least 7 of us standing in line for the ATM and the lights inside the lobby of the bank were not on. Seriously people is that not a clue the bank is closed? There is also a sign on the door saying that the bank will be closed because of Veteran’s Day. Turn on the news in the morning, I know they were talking about it. Look at a calendar.


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