Code Names

November 12, 2008 at 7:10 am (Uncategorized) ()

The code names for the President and Vice President-Elect and their families have been leaked today. Throughout history all President’s and political figures have been given code names while they were being transported. 

It got me thinking about the code names my friends and I have given people that have come into our life. Those people that have stayed for only a short time. They were given these names because of certain personality traits, their job, or how they look. A few of the names of the people who have entered my life are:

Hot Toddie
Tour Manager
Grandpa Ken (only the sorority girls will understand that one)
The Italian
The Fish Guy (He works in the aquatic industry)
The Soap Actor
Ventura (He lives in Ventura)
Psycho (An ex, he got the name after we broke up)
My favorite Sexy Man
The Australian Musician (the ex husband)

Only four of the above are still in my life. No I will not reveal who but they have stayed because of things other than what gave them their code name.


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  1. What Could Have Been « Plus Size Girl Dating said,

    […] that at one time I thought was “The One”. He was the one my friends and I nicknamed, “The Fishguy”. (When he found out that is what his code name is he asked why it wasn’t “The […]

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