Joys of Working on Melrose

November 12, 2008 at 11:21 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

The day job consists of me working for a well known sneaker retailer on the infamous Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. Though we do have regular customers, we do get a lot of tourists. Many that I think are not to smart. Some questions we get that annoy us are:

What is the biggest size you have in this? And when you ask them what size they wear it is a size 7.
Do you have this in other colors? Yes and they are all out
Do you have anything in the back that isn’t out?No everything is out. And even if we did you are not Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Charlize Theron or Usher.
I saw this at a mall store cheaper, do you price match? No we are an independent store so we charge what the company tells us.
Do you work here? No I am just standing behind the counter for fun.
Do you have my size in this? I don’t know what size are you?
If I buy more than one pair can I get a 30% discount? I don’t even get that so um no.
I don’t know what size my kid wears can you figure it out? Really lady you don’t know what size you bought for your kid last time.
I need this in an 8.5. Sorry we only have a 7. Can I still try it on? It will be small. That is okay I will still try it. Really don’t be mad when it doesn’t fit.
Why don’t you have this in a 10.5? Let me see it is a black and white shoe from six months ago and you wear the most popular size.
Are you Jewish? No but my bosses are.

Then we get the crazies that walk the streets of Melrose everyday, tourists that don’t understand anything, and the rude jamaicans. No Jamaicans are not the nicest people.


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