The Ex Husband

November 13, 2008 at 8:56 am (Uncategorized) (, )

October 3, 2005 was the last time I was able to hug and kiss him. It was the day he left. January of this year the divorce was final. (The reason for that was money. He left he pays and he offered.) We still talk and email as much as we can. He also sends gifts for Christmas and my birthday. This year for my birthday I got cash so I could go out and get something for myself.

Today I got an email from him about a free seminar he is hosting and the new thing he is involved in. He lives in Sydney Australia so no I cannot attend this seminar, though after watching a Youtube video he did, I am upset I can’t. The youtube video is explaining a 30k in 30 day challenge him and two other people are doing. When I first saw the video I was at work on our no sound computer. All I could think while watching it was, “Am I watching an infomercial at midnight?” and “Are you throwing in a free blender with that?”
When I was able to watch the video with sound it was even more of a late night infomercial. I think it was even funnier with sound because it was all him. Everything goofy I remembered about him. Also everything I remembered about him and his get rich quick schemes. Though I don’t think this one is. It is great to see him doing well.

But I still want to know “Are you throwing in a free blender with that?” and “How much are you sending me for Christmas?”


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