Kids Say the Darndest Things

November 26, 2008 at 5:42 pm (Uncategorized)


The little guy showing off his new robe

The little guy showing off his new robe

I called my little brother the other night and my nephew answered. He is only 6 but sometimes I think he is older. He is the cutest little guy and always happy. When I am feeling down I call him to make me smile. That is what happened the other night.


He told me that he went out to dinner with Grandma (my mom) and Daddy (my little brother). He then asked me about my dinner plans.

“Who is going to make you dinner?”
“I make my own dinner.”
“What are you going to have?”
“I am going to figure that out when I get home.”
“Um you should have beans and rice.”
“Beans and rice?”
“Yes beans and rice.”
“Do you mean Green Beans and rice?” He is a big vegetable eater.
“Well I need to have meat with it, maybe I should have chicken with it.”
“Yeah that sounds good.”
“Beans rice and chicken. I will have lots of milk to drink with it.”
“No you have to drink apple juice because that makes you poop.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.  It was to funny. He said it because that is what he drinks with dinner. His ritual is chocolate milk in the morning and apple juice the rest of the day and for that very reason. There are days he just amazes me by things he says and makes me smile. You can’t help but think he is the cutest thing ever.


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