Slightly Annoyed

December 21, 2008 at 10:29 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Friday night as I was driving home from a long day of retail, my car quit. She got bitchy and decided she was done. I was able to pull into a gas station into a safe spot. At first I thought it was just the oil and put more oil in the car. After she was filled. I started her up and drove down the street further, until she quit again. I called my parents freaking out because my roommate was out of town as well as a few close guy friends. I had to leave the car at the gas station and cab it back to the apartment. Saturday morning I had to take a cab back to the gas station, get a tow truck to take my car to my awesome mechanic, get a ride to work and work all day dealing with frantic last minute holiday shoppers.

Yeah not a fun day at all. I had to get a ride back to my car after a very busy day of helping customers find the right gift. I was tired and just wanted to get home and rest. I stopped quick at the grocery store, headed home and pulled into the garage at the apartment building. As I was driving to the tandem parking spaces my roommate and I have, I noticed two cars parked there, a black BMW and a blue Mazda. At first I thought I was just tired and that wasn’t our spots, so I parked my car in a different spot and started looking around. In front of the blue car there were boxes my roommate has left there and the number on the garage floor is 35, the same number we have had for the last two years of living here.

Being pissed because I was going to have to park on the street, even though I have lived in the same building, had the same apartment number and also parking spot for the past two years, I left a love note on the beamer. I wasn’t to mean “Find a new place to park or you will be towed.” I don’t think that is to mean. These people probably thought because there were no cars there on Friday night and again most of the night Saturday night, they could park there. I also left a nasty voicemail for our manager, pretty much accusing her of giving our spots away.

It was probably new people that moved in and figured they could park anywhere. If that is the case, they are not making friends with their neighbors.


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