Apartment Rennovation

December 24, 2008 at 7:04 pm (Uncategorized)

Sunday morning after my workout I went down to the garage to see if the cars parked in our spots had moved. The black BMW had moved but the blue (what i thought was a mazda) acura was still there. Seriously did I need to put a note on both cars? So on my way to work I did just that, put a note on the Blue car “Seriously find a new place to park or you will be towed”. And what do you know when I got home from work the car was gone. Always threaten towing and people will move.

Sunday as I was going to walk through the lobby to my car parked on the street I was stopped. The management in our building decided three months ago to remodel the lobby. Yes this project has been going on that long. They have made the office three times the size it was, removing the couch and chairs they had for us to chill on. Well this week they decided to retile the lobby. Not exactly the brightest thing to do the week of Christmas.

Friday night the mailboxes were off limits, Sunday morning the space from the elevator to the front door were and last night we weren’t even allowed to go in the lobby at all including the gym. Okay I have started my workout plan and that includes working out at least 5 times a week, so I haven’t worked out for three days now. And who was the idiot that thought retiling the lobby the week of Christmas was a good idea? Our building has at least 100 units in it. Not everyone goes away for the holidays. A lot of my neighbors have people come over for the holidays. I know I have guests coming over. That lobby better be done today because I am not telling my guests to walk through the garage to get to the elevator.

Everyone have a safe and Happy Holiday!!


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