Dating Begins

December 30, 2008 at 10:07 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Dear LJ,

I know this is a little Felicity of me, (remember that show you used to watch religiously in the 90’s and continue to Netflix today), but I thought it might help in telling about my dating life. Yes it has been pretty quiet lately. I just haven’t felt like going out. Remember I was married and my husband, David, decided to move back to Australia and not take me with. Now I am here as a plus size girl trying to date in the size 2 town of Los Angeles. Besides it has only been a few weeks since David left. Give a girl time to grieve.

No I am not pulling a Bridget Jones crashing on my couch eating ice cream and listening to sad sappy songs. I just haven’t felt like leaving the house except to go to work. My only true friend in LA, Alisa, decided to change that last night. She came over made me look fabulous on the outside and took me out to Fox & Hound, the english bar in Studio City we usually go to. Normally I don’t mind going there with her because I had someone to go home to. Now I feel a bit insecure going with her because as we both know she gets hit on when we go to Coffee Bean on Saturday morning wearing her sweats.

When we walked in there was a group of about six guys over by the dart board eyeing up every girl that walked in the door. Right away they noticed Alisa. We managed to squeeze our way through the crowd to the bar where our favorite bartender, Sam greeted us with a smile and poured our favorite drink, vodka and cranberry.

Throughout the night I felt these eyes on me and when I looked around I noticed this guy with dark black hair and tan body looking at me. He didn’t say anything, just kept smiling. At first I thought he was looking at Alisa but when she turned around to look at him he didn’t smile or even give her a second look.

Alisa and I stayed until around 1am. We decided to get out of there before the guys who haven’t found a girl to go home with decided to try to take us home. We said goodbye to Sam and walked out to our car parked on the street. As I was about to get into my car, this guy yelled out to me. It was the guy that was smiling at me all night in the bar.

“Hey there”

Don’t worry LJ I will tell you more tomorrow.



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