The Date

January 5, 2009 at 8:18 pm (dating) (, , )


I know, I know I left you suspense about what happened and who this mystery guy is.

“Hey there”
“Hi” I don’t know who was more nervous him or me.
“I noticed you in the bar and was hoping to take you out sometime.”
“Sure.” I wasn’t to sure about him but he couldn’t be that bad he was out with friends and Sam said he was in there pretty often. I gave him my number with hopes he would call me. Sometimes you don’t know if they are just playing a game or really want to get to know you.

Two days later he did call and wanted to take me out for drinks. He offered to pick me up and we would find a place to go out in Hollywood, not far from my apartment. Not sure if it was a smart idea but if I didn’t feel comfortable I didn’t have to invite him in.

He picked me up right on time and I had almost forgotten what he looked like. His dark features stood out but his smile is what had me feeling like a girl going out on her first date ever. It was warm and inviting and I could tell he is someone that would be honest with me. We headed down to the Pig N Whistle on Hollywood Blvd. It isn’t a fancy Hollywood club but a fun bar where you can have drinks and talk. Which we did a lot of both. He had told me that there was a woman he dated never wanted to go to her place. He didn’t think anything of it. One night she invited him back to her place and her husband came home. He was shocked because he never got the feeling she was in a relationship. He was crushed because they had been together over a year. He vowed to never do that to anyone. And I believed him. His eyes were warm and his touch was soft.

I have a good feeling about this one, but he did tell me he isn’t looking for anything serious. I know I don’t need anything serious right now either, but who knows maybe it could turn into something more.

Talk again soon



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