Oh Chemistry.com

February 11, 2009 at 12:06 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

I have been on Chemistry.com for a little while now. I have had 2 short-lived relationships with guys I have met on there. One of them is still a friend of mine. Just wasn’t the right time for us.

So Chemistry has been sending me potential matches and some are good and some well I don’t think Chemistry read what I was looking for to clearly. Some of the guys though they have children are not looking to have more. In my profile it clearly states that I want to have children. I don’t mind being with a single dad but I also want to have one of my own.

Then there are a couple that peak my interest and they decide to archive me (meaning not interested) and you put a reason why you chose that. A few of the guys have either said “Taking a break from dating” and “Pursuing another relationship”. Okay my question is if you are pursuing another relationship, WHY ARE YOU CHECKING YOUR DATING PROFILE? Shouldn’t you be focusing on the woman you are with and not trying to find someone else.

And if you are taking a break why are you looking. I can maybe understand, hoping you might find someone that will peak your interest, but shouldn’t you just not respond? I took a break from dating for a bit and I didn’t sign into my dating profile at all. I just stopped looking.

Then there are guys who put “No reason”. At least put “Not a good fit”, or “Physical distance to great” (yes they do send me matches that live 2 hours away), at least put some reason.

They have also sent me guys that are looking for someone that is athletic or slender. Okay in my profile I clearly state that I am curvy and full-figured. I don’t lie about it, nor do I hide it. But why would guys that are looking for someone skinny want to date someone that is full-figured? And usually those are the guys I am attracted to. They have the right look and seem really interesting. When I say I have interest in them, they respond, “Not interested”. Yeah real great for the self-esteem.

For now I keep pursuing to see if someone peaks my interest and wants to get to know me.


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