Dating Life coming to a halt

March 11, 2009 at 8:44 am (dating) (, , , )

Yes my dating life has come to a halt. I have hit a dry patch in the number of dates. For a few weeks I was getting a couple of dates a week. Now, nothing. I am not even talking to anyone new.

It is making all of the news of friends getting engaged that much harder. Don’t get me wrong I am happy for them, but it just means I don’t have a date to bring with me and someone else has found their perfect match.

Maybe the reason I have hit a dry patch is because I am getting older and calming down a bit. I don’t go out to the bar as much as I used to. I don’t hook up with random men. Now I only have two men that I see on a somewhat regular basis. One is just a friend. The other is someone who I am starting to fall for. The other night we hung out and ended up cuddling on the couch. Two days later I am still replaying that night in my head. The signs are there, so why am I so afraid to tell him how I feel?


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