Over the Bar Scene

March 22, 2009 at 10:50 am (dating) (, , , , , , )

Tonight a friend and I went out to celebrate that her EX had moved back to his home state because he couldn’t make it out in Cali. We met up with a couple of her friends at this bar her and I had never been to. When we got there is was very slow but eventually picked up. I got asked to join a Beer Pong game. We didn’t win but I had fun and met some cool new people. My friend was talking to these two guys playing darts. Eventually her friends left and her and I started playing darts with the two guys at the bar. The guys ended up winning even with their crazy ways of playing. Both guys were cute but my friend only liked the taller one. She thought the shorter one was cute but wasn’t tall enough for her. (She has a height requirement for any guy she dates.) The four of us were having fun and eventually moved to the inside part of the bar. The guys ended up playing beer pong with two other guys inside and my friend and I were cheering them on. At one point my friend massaged the arms of the shorter guy to get him relaxed for his next shot. I could tell he thought she was hot because his arm reached back and grabbed her ass.

At that point I knew the only one that might get lucky at some point was my friend. She had two guys that were interested in her. My friend did get the card of the taller guy (the guy she was really interested in), right before we left. At bar time we went to the bathroom and when we came out the taller guy was waiting to say good bye to her. When my friend asked him where his friend was he said, “He told me he went to get the car.” After my friend said goodbye to the guy, I saw him walk to their car and it was 2 cars in front of us on the street in front of the bar. Yeah dude didn’t have to go far to get the car. He was just deflated because his friend got the girl he thought was hot.

When my friend drove me home I was frustrated and upset. I hate going out to the bars with friends and not even getting a second look. I feel like it is time to get a major makeover.

I shouldn’t be to upset though, I am about to tell the guy I like how I feel about him.


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