A whirlwind week of Activity

March 30, 2009 at 11:55 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

So last week after I emailed that letter to the guy I like, a lot of things happened.

Monday morning this guy I have known for 3 years called me. He wanted to see me that day but because I had to work we planned something for Thursday. I was excited because he is someone else I like but since we don’t have the same family plan (he is divorced and has 2 teenagers and doesn’t want to do it all again), it is nothing more then just “special friends”. I do get excited and look forward to seeing him everytime. So when he called I couldn’t wait until it was Thursday.

Then Tuesday night the roommate dropped a bomb on me. She is moving in with her boyfriend in a month. Yes thats right a month. Originally it was supposed to be later this summer but they moved up the date. I slept for 3 hours that night and was exhausted the next day.

Wednesday was very emotional because I didn’t get much sleep and that guy(the one I have known for 3 years) called and said we may or may not be able to see each other on Thursday due to a meeting he had. Yeah that started the tears because I knew seeing him would make me feel better. The rest of the day was fine until the guy I admitted my feelings to called me. My stomach was in knots when I saw his name on my caller ID. He thanked me for the nice letter and said it was nice to know someone out there cared about him but he wants to be with a Eastern European woman. Seriously?

Thursday was a much better day. I looked at apartments and found one I fell in love with and got it, I saw that guy, and I got to see the 5 writers of Lost.

All in all it was a great end to an okay week. I am feeling better. Now I have to start packing because I only have so many days off before I move on April 30th.


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