You Moved?

April 2, 2009 at 6:02 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Back in 2004 I admitted my feelings to a guy friend of mine and through email. Yes I do have a problem with nerves when it comes to admitting feelings. At the time neither one of us said anything more about it. Shortly after we went to a hockey game and at the end of the night things were a little awkward. Four months later I broke the news to him that I was moving to California. He didn’t want me to move I could tell his true feelings were coming out and he really did have feelings for me. I did see him a few times before I moved and though it was sad I knew I had to do it. He didn’t talk to me for a few months after I moved but soon we were talking on the phone, computer and through emails. A few months after my ex husband left I went back home to clear my head and spend time with family and friends. I did see this guy while I was there and he wanted me to move back home so we could hang out every weekend. I told him I couldn’t because living in California was something I need to be doing. I told him he should move to Cali to be with me. He said he couldn’t because he likes Wisconsin where things are safe and predictable.

Last week on Facebook I got invited to his going away party. Naturally I couldn’t make it because the party was in Wisconsin. He took a job in Pennsylvania. Yep he moved to the East Coast, where things aren’t always as predictable.

I have sent him a couple of messages trying to find out about the new job and apartment and also wish him well but he hasn’t responded at all.

It still blows me away that he moved. This was someone that didn’t want to move anywhere. He wanted to be close to his family.

I am still confused by the whole thing.


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