The Packing Begins

April 8, 2009 at 9:04 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Since I only have so many days off before the big move on the 30th, I have been trying to fit it in when I can. Normally after work I am tired but since I have gotten more writing work, I have been staying up a bit later then normal. I have realized though that I don’t have much time to pack everything before the 30th rolls around. I only have a couple of days off from work before then and I am going back to Wisconsin for a week to clean out a storage unit I have had for the four and a half years I have been out in California. Yes that’s right I have been paying for a storage unit for almost five years. I know I will probably not need most of the things in there but there will be a few things, my skis and my books.

Yes my books. They say a writer can never have to many books and I am proof of that. I realized that tonight as I started packing some of them. I packed most of them in one of the bigger boxes I got from work. I filled the box up with as many as I could. Yes I know it is going to be a heavy box and I will need a couple of strong men to help me (which I am still recruiting), but it will be managable. I realized in the past three years I have helped the sales of both Borders and Barnes & Noble. I can never pass up the coupon I get in my email from Borders or the clearance books on (I still have two boxes from B & N from the last time, 25 dollars gets you about 8 books). When I first moved into this apartment I didn’t have quite the number of books I do now. I had enough to warrant buying a bookcase. One I put together myself but later found out from the young guy I was dating that I put a shelf in the wrong way and he had to fix it for me, (I got teased about that one for quite a while). In the past three years I have filled up that bookcase so much I have books stacked in front of books. Yes I still have more books to pack, so I have cut myself off from buying until after I move into the new place.

So much packing, so little time.


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