Finally Recovered

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The munchkin dancing

The munchkin dancing

My trip home was good and relaxing. The flight there wasn’t so great as it was a red eye and somehow I got seated in the last row aisle seat. (Now I remember why I don’t fly Northwest).No I did not get much sleep. But I was very excited when I got past the security checkpoint at the airport and I saw little man running up to me saying “Auntie!!” Yes the nephew was very excited to see me and as always was my little buddy the whole time I was in town. He also helped throw things away when he cleaned out my storage unit that I have had in Wisconsin for the past 5 years. Throwing away things is very cleansing and I seem to be doing a lot of that lately with moving.

Last Saturday night was the night with the girls. Our big sorority alumni weekend. I had a great time catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a few years and also made new friends with younger alumni and some of the collegiate members. The night was filled with laughs and fun, in fact we are still talking about that night. Sunday was the baby shower for my friend then the rest of the day was spent like most Sundays in college were, sitting on the couch watching chick flicks.

Before Mom had to take me to the airport we met up with my lil bro for an early dinner. After we left the Olive Garden, mom drove me down and started crying as we saw the signs for the airport. She gets like that every time and it is sweet. She does miss having her baby girl in Wisconsin but knows why I am out in California and supports me 100%.

It was a very relaxing trip and am glad I was able to get away before the big move next week. I am still a little stressed though trying to make sure everything is taken care of: renting the UHaul, changing my address with companies, getting boxes, and of course packing. I am also trying to find a new laptop.

If I can get through till the end of the month, I will be happy.

Oh and Frontier Airlines, I love you. You make flying a great experience.


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