Moving is not fun

May 4, 2009 at 1:23 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Last Thursday I moved into my new apartment. It is a cute studio with all of the amenities of my old place, pool, jacuzzi and fitness center. It is also a very secured building, so I feel even safer.
I have finally caught up on sleep. As of Friday morning, I had gotten 8 hours of sleep in 2 days. We were at the old place until the wee hours of the morning making sure the place looked like new. I was exhausted on Friday and my whole body was sore. I still had to go into work and almost didn’t make it through the day.

I am very excited about having my own place for the first time since living in LA. I have had my own apartments when I lived back in the WI but I was in my early 20’s and didn’t really care. This time I am excited about setting the place up and decorating in a way that reflects my taste. I am going for a Marilyn Monroe/Audrey Hepburn black and white theme with a splash of pink.

Now I just have to start unpacking boxes 😦


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