A week for me

July 7, 2009 at 8:36 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

This week I have decided to take a week for myself. No I haven’t gone away to a spa, though that would be nice. I have decided that I am only going walking, to work then home.I have told my friends this but my one friend doesn’t seem to understand that concept. She keeps texting me trying to make plans, going hiking and then a movie on Friday. I have just ignored the texts.
Since starting my own small business I have been busier then ever. I still have my full-time day job where I work 6 days a week and it is starting to have an affect on me. On my only day off and when I get home from I am working on my business. I have also been going back and forth whether I should look for a new job with better hours or stay where I am. After weighing pros and cons and talking with my mentor, I have decided to start looking elsewhere. It is going to be a big step as I have been at this full-time job for almost five years,(most of my jobs in the past I have been at for three and a half years), but in the end I know it is for the best.

Big changes and risks to be taken and I am ready.


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