Dating in the Dark experiment gone bad

August 13, 2009 at 3:36 am (dating) (, , )

While I thought my Dating in the Dark experiment was a good idea, I soon realized it was a bad idea.

After I posted my ad and got a number of responses and started talking one of the guys that was really cute and nice. We talked through email, texts and phone calls. After a week we decided to finally decide to meet. As a first date we went bowling. When he walked in he was just as cute in person. At first I wasn’t sure if he thought I was cute too, but soon realized he did. At one point he grabbed me and gave me a quick kiss. It was a fun night and I didn’t want it to end. We did spend the night together, mostly because I was not in the right shape to drive home. We continued to talk throughout the week and even saw each other a few more times.

Then one day he texted me, “Hey Babe, can you do me a huge favor?”. I was a little nervous about what he was going to ask. I soon found out I had every reason to be.
He asked if he could borrow my debit card to buy something he needed for work.
 Yes that was my exact response to that. We had only known each other 2 weeks and seen each other a few times and he was expecting I trusted him enough to let him use my debit card. I have had friends for over 10 years I don’t borrow my card to. He must have been nuts.

After I told him NO, I can’t, I never heard from him again. I wasn’t to surprised because two days before he asked me I was starting to see some red flags in his behavior and things he was saying. 

Just glad he stopped calling and I didn’t have to be the one to do the dumping. Afraid he might have started stalking me.


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