Model and the Millionaire

September 1, 2009 at 8:36 am (random)

The last few weeks the biggest news story has been about the murder of Model Jasmine Fiore. Her body mutilated was stuffed into a suitcase and thrown in a dumpster, only to be found by someone else. After the story broke that her body was found, her husband, Ryan Jenkins fled to his home country of Canada 

Friday night on 20/20, they started their broadcast with the update on this horrifying news story. They had found her white Mercedes with blood stains and there also blood stains and hair on the balcony in the hotel they stayed in the night she was killed. On 20/20 they talked with Jasmine’s family and friends as well as talked with Ryan Jenkins’ parents over the phone. Her family and friends talked about how outgoing and determined she was to achieve her goals. Ryan’s parents talked about how innocent their son is and what a good boy he was. His Dad even said that “That place (Hollywood), changed him.” I hate to say this but Ryan fled the country after filing a missing person report with the police and then later hung himself. If he was innocent he would have gone and talked to detectives.

 This guy went on not one but two VH1 reality shows. When he was on “Megan wants a Millionaire”, he admitted that he is sort of a Prince Charming and a bad boy.  In his interview he said he likes to go after girls that turn heads, he enjoys the chase. He moved from Canada to Hollywood for a reason. He spent time in Las Vegas for a reason. Yes I do feel bad for his parents but I have dated guys like Ryan (no they were never physically abusive), but they thought they were all that. They are one person in front of their parents and a different person around their social circle. Ryan had a conviction of assault against his ex-girlfriend, and Jasmine also filed a complaint against him as well. I am not saying she was completely innocent, she was attracted to the lifestyle he could provide. One of Jasmine’s friends said that Jasmine and Ryan got married so he could get a Green Card and he was going to pay her thousands monthly. But no woman deserves what he did to her. 

Just from the pictures they have showed of Ryan and things other people that have been interviewed said you can tell he is all about the lifestyle and social status. 

My prayers are with both families as it is never easy to lose a loved one no matter what the circumstances are. And no one will ever know what really happened.


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