Fun Day Out

September 22, 2009 at 9:57 pm (dating) (, , , , )

Sunday I decided to go to my favorite Sports Bar and watch football. I had asked a few friends to go with but they were either out of town or had a last minute thing come up. So I decided to go anyway. When I got there the bar was packed so I found a table that was filled with guys to sit at. It was a table that was close to the bar and the guys sitting there are fans of my team, the New England Patriots. I talked with a couple of the guys at my table and a couple at the bar. After the morning cames were over the bar cleared out and I found a spot there. I know one of the bartenders there so I knew she would keep me company. A few minutes after I sat down, the bar filled up again. I was seated in between two guys. Both I found out are writers and one of them is fairly new to Los Angeles. Him and I got to talking during the game and I we even exchanged numbers before he left.
Once again the bar emptied out and new fans came in.
I was going to leave because I had been there almost all day but then this cute guy sat down at the bar a few seats down from me. My bartender friend asked me if I wanted another drink and I wasn’t sure because I really should be going home. The cute guy said “Sure you should stay and have another”. Soon I had moved down a seat to sit next to him and we were talking. Once the night game started, more fans started to file in. There was another guy that sat on the other side of me. Him and I were talking here and there, yes he is a writer too and still fairly new to LA.
Halfway through the game the cute guy I was really attracted to had to leave to pick up his car and said he would be back. I didn’t quite believe him so I continued talking to the writer guy.
Then the last few minutes of the game, the cute guy wearing the Dodger hat came back. He ended up having to sit at another table by himself because someone had taken his spot at the bar. On my way back from the bathroom I stopped by where he was sitting to talk more. I sat with him until the game was over and he asked if I wanted to hang out more. I said yes and went to get my purse and say goodbye to the writer guy, and also gave him my number.
The cute guy did end up following me home and we just made out and talked all night. And yes he did get my number.
I almost didn’t go to watch football at the bar by myself and I almost didn’t stay all day, but I am glad I did, because I met some really cool people and stepped out of my comfort zone.

Patriots Football

Patriots Football


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