Goodbye to You

October 13, 2009 at 9:37 pm (dating) (, , , , , )

You told me one day you wanted a girlfriend and were thinking you wanted it to be me. So I waited 4 months for you to ask me. Then you tell me you don’t want a girlfriend anymore but asked me every day for a week to come over just to have fun. I told you no each time. Then one day you asked me to the movies but only if I came over to your place for a little bit of fun after. Again I said, No, because I knew it would mess with my head. Hours later you tell me you have a girlfriend. Seriously that quickly. And what changed you told me you didn’t want one.

Then last night you tell me that you asking me for a week to come over and ‘have fun’, was a test, because you wanted me to come over to ask me to be your girlfriend. Again, Seriously?, why the game. You told me it is my fault I didn’t come over, and I missed my chance. You told me you were talking online to me while she was there and saw our conversation. Saw me pouring my heart out to you, telling you how I feel. Today you tell me you want me to come over but again only to have fun. You are basically telling me you want me to be the other woman. Really? After only being with this girl a few days you want to cheat already. I can’t believe it because when we met you told me most of your girlfriends had cheated on you. Now you want to do the same to someone else.

After two years of knowing each other, I can’t believe you would hurt me this way. I can’t believe that you told me it is my fault I am not your girlfriend because I didn’t come over last week. I can’t believe you let her read everything I said to you. I can’t believe this person you have become.

After 2 years, our friendship is over. Though it hurts, I know it is for the best. I can’t have a person like you in my life.

Goodbye to You

Goodbye to You


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  1. Audrey Shaffer said,

    Wow! Any guy who treats you like that isn’t a friend. Drop him and run very quickly!

    I had a “boyfriend” like that several years ago. Swore he loved me, wanted to be with me…until I found out about the other (married) woman he was sleeping with. I confronted him. He said “I’m too much man for any one woman. You should be happy to share me.” Yeah. Right. So long, jerk!

    Hang in there Maggie. You deserve much better than this. 🙂

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