I’m not interested, GET THE HINT!

January 25, 2010 at 9:05 pm (dating) (, , , , , , , )

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A couple of weeks ago I started talking to this guy, just through email and yahoo chat. He seemed nice, down to earth, honest and sincere. He also looked very hot in his picture.

Then things got a lil scary. He started telling me that he is like no other guy I will meet. He started bragging about how big his penis is.  He started telling me that every time he would come over he would lay flowers at my feet. (I know every girl loves flowers but every time you come over?) Then he said he wants a private relationship and we couldn’t ever go to his house because he cares for elderly relatives. He also said, “I know you are going to beg me to come over and see you”. This girl doesn’t beg for anyone. And when I told him I don’t want a private relationship and want someone I can eventually have a family with, he backtracked and said he wants the same things.

When he started saying those things, I stopped responding. And yet he keeps sending me a message through yahoo messenger. Every day and some times multiple times a day. Yes I should block him but I am afraid to. I am afraid things will get scarier. One day while I was out with a friend he called twice (I didn’t answer) and left me a long voicemail. The reason he called twice was because his first message got cut off and he had to call back to finish. I saved the message and let a friend of mine listen to it and she was laughing and at one point said, “Is he still talking?”, and yes he was.

With everything he was saying, the feelings I had when my ex from three years ago were coming back, and it was none of the good feelings. It was all of the bad feelings. I know if  I bought into anything he was saying, it would not end well.

Seriously who do guys like this think they are? Do they honestly think women like this?


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