The Super Bowl

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Ah, the Super Bowl is finally upon us. Teams have fought all year to get to this point and two teams have come out on top, the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints.

No one would have ever thought the Saints would make it to the Super Bowl but everyone is excited, especially the city of New Orleans. They are still trying to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. The Saints making it to the Super Bowl has given the city hope. For those of us that don’t know who to root for because our particular team didn’t make it to the big game, we are rooting for the Saints. Sort of a Cindarella story.

Most men watch the game for the Football. While most women watch it for the ads. Okay all of us watch it for the ads, even those of us that have a love for the game. We like to see what outrageous things companies will come up with to get us talking around the water cooler on Monday.

This year the big news is that Pepsi is pulling out of their Super Bowl ad contract. They have decided to pull out and put that money into Social Marketing for their Refresh campaign. A big move for a big company and one that has been known to always advertise for the Super Bowl. Those companies that are advertising are:

Coca Cola one ad will feature Mr. Burns from The Simpsons
Denny’s who is once again offering a special nationwide like they did last year
Budweiser for the first time will not have an ad with the famous Clydesdales but are focusing on their new slogan, “Here we go”
Boost Mobile which will be bringing back the Super Bowl Shuffle with the guys that started it all
Bridgestone will once again be sponsoring the halftime show that will feature the rock group, The Who. A performance I am looking forward to.
ETrade yes will again have a commercial with the baby. What is he going to say this year?
Monster is one of the big advertiser with many ads even during the extended pre-game show during which they announced the winner of the Director of Fandemonium contest.
Universal Studios will have at least one ad spot that will be a trailer for an upcoming release and will also have an ad for Universal Studios Orlando.
Paramount will be promoting either Shutter Island, Iron Man 2 and The Last Airbender
Walt Disney will also have one spot. Hopefully they promote Alice in Wonderland
There are many more advertisers this year and we will all be tuned in.

Now as I am sitting here watching the extended pre-game show, Steve Winwood is singing “Higher Love”. Earlier Daughtry sang their lastest it. The performance I am looking forward to is the halftime show which will feature The Who. A band that has been around a long time but is making their first ever Super Bowl appearance.

Hopefully this game will be close as President Obama just mandated during his interview during Katie Couric.


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