The Bachelor

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Like many others, I am a closet Bachelor fan. I love the show. I used to just watch it when it got down to 4 or 5 girls. (I also watch the Bachelorette the same way). I like to see the drama at the end unfold. And it usually does.

When Jason, the single dad from Seattle, got dumped on the Bachelorette, I had a feeling he would be the next Bachelor and even considered trying out for the show. When I told people I was thinking about it, they said, “Really?”. I knew what they were thinking, there has never been a plus size girl on the show. (Well there was once but she ended up being sent home because the guy thought of her more of a friend then wife material). The more I thought about trying out for the show, I realized, I might not even make it past the application process, so I gave up that dream, and now am glad I did after that season of the Bachelor aired, he did end up with a woman from my homestate though.

This season of The Bachelor is filled with even more drama, him sending four girls home in one episode, that hasn’t happened. Way to speed things up Jake. You have to give him props though, he knows what he is looking for and if he doesn’t feel it with them, he sends them home and doesn’t waste anyone’s time. There is also a shock as to why he keeps one girl around, Vienna. I don’t understand it either, because I’m sorry Jake, but the girl is CRAZY!! Jumping into bed with you on a two and one date, Seriously not cool. Then in her confessionals, she gets all pissy that there are other girls around. WAKE UP, you knew what you were getting into when you signed up for the show. Don’t act like you haven’t seen the show before. Get over yourself.

You can’t help who you fall for and have to follow your heart. I give props to Jake for not sending the women home he doesn’t feel that spark with.

The drama of last night, Ali (the one girl everyone has been rooting for), had to leave the show because of work. And according to Reality Steve, she does not come back. And yes Reality Steve is usually right.


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