Shift in the Universe

April 12, 2010 at 6:48 pm (dating, life) (, , , , , )

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I was feeling a little bit down earlier in the month but things are slowly starting to look up. A week ago the crush and I went to a club. It was a place he had been to before but I had not. It was a little outside of LA so it gave us lots of time to talk. Yes we do talk when we see each other but this was probably the most time we have spent together and it was fun. It was something that we hadn’t done together and made me feel good about the way things are progressing. Then late last week he did a show that supported a cause that is very personal to me. He had the show booked before he even knew this about me. It was a small show but lots of fun and I met some cool people. After he was done we went to the bar area and ordered some food. While waiting for our food we had lots of time to talk more. He was telling me about his past week and his busy upcoming month of travel for work. It was a great night and I left on this natural high. I listened to “Send Me on My Way” by Rusted Root the whole way home. Yes I did put it on repeat, I was feeling that good. Since then we have texted a few times as this past weekend he was traveling again for work. He leaves tomorrow for his month long trip. I don’t know if I will see him after he gets back as the last week he is gone, I will be back in Wisconsin for my friend’s wedding. I get back two days before he has to leave again for a few days.

Since all of this I have felt another shift in my Universe. It usually only happens around my birthday but since this year has been one of many changes it has been happening more and more. It is scary and exciting at the same time but I am ready for the shift.

Stay tuned I am going to be contributing to a great site and my first article should be up soon.


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