Great Friends and Great Memories

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My trips back to the Midwest are always eventful and I guess that is why I look forward to them. It gives me time to relax and recharge. I also get to hang out with family and friends. And when I am with the friends, it is always exciting. This trip was no different.

After I said bye to M for the summer, it was time for me to head to the airport. Once I got there I headed to the Sports Bar by my gate. I have always passed by it but never stopped, mostly because I fly so late it was never open. This time I stopped and the bartender there was very friendly and could make a good drink, so naturally I had two. Then once I got on the plane, I had a couple more. Of course I didn’t sleep as much as I had planned but I had a great time talking with new friends I had met. Once I got back I was able to go with my mom and brother to pick my nephew up from school. He was very excited to see me.

Since the crush was still gone and I just left we were emailing and texting each other. It was nice to have someone miss me and to be honest I missed him too.

The next few days were filled with wedding things (a good friend of mine was getting married and I was her personal attendant which was an honor.) The whole wedding weekend was amazing as I was able to catch up with old friend and meet new friends. And since my friends and I really know how to party, it was fun and exhausting, due to lack of sleep and well alcohol consumption. (See below for my drink count of my trip. I only drink that way when I am back home.) The rest of my trip was filled with hanging with the family. Oh and I saw twelve deer in a two mile radius not far from my parents house. Yes they moved to the backwoods where that is not an unusual site.

Then completely joking, I asked the crush to pick me up from the airport. I knew we were both excited to see each other so I thought why not. He then told me to send him my flight info. I still didn’t believe he was going to pick me up but that morning he texted me, “Excited to see you.” It threw me just like the “I miss you” message he sent me a week earlier. Don’t get me wrong, I loved hearing it, it was just he had never said anything like that before. It was very nice.

After a very long and scary plane ride, the turbulence was so bad there were people screaming, I was finally able to see the crush after not seeing him in almost 2 months. He still looked good. He dropped me off at home and we set up a time for the next night to go out. And it was a great night.

Since then there have been a couple of other things that have happened that are making me think more and more that something more is going to happen. I will keep you posted.

This video mostly because my friends and I danced to it at the wedding and I love this song so much.

Drink Count for trip

Tuesday- 2 Margaritas, 1 shot of Tequila (With M), 4 Bacardi and Diet (At the airport and on the plane)
Wednesday – None
Thursday- 2 $3 Margaritas (With the Bride to Be)
Friday- 1 Bad Martini, a few Vodka Cranberry, a couple of shots and 1 Beer (with the Bride to Be and the Bridal Party)
Saturday (The Wedding) – Multiple Vodka Cranberries, and lots of shots
Sunday – None unless you count the fact I was drinking after Midnight
Monday – 3 Vodka Cranberry, 1 Bacardi and Diet (Hanging with Dad)
Tuesday – 1 Patron Pomegrante Margarita (Out to Dinner with the fam before the lil brother and I went to see Iron Man 2)
Wednesday – 2 Tall Bacardi and Diet (With friends before heading to the airport)
Thursday – 3 Bacardi and Orange I think (night out with the crush and he was getting the drinks for me)


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