The Drama

May 31, 2010 at 9:10 am (dating, life) (, , , )

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Some guys seem to love the drama.

One of my new fav bloggers, SD Single Girl put it best recently, “Finding a girl with major issues can make a man feel needed and for the “rescuer” types though every other day they want to kill each other, they will stick around because they feel needed, and fighting and going through drama makes it all feel normal for them.”

It is true. The Italian loved the drama. He stayed with a girl that was complete drama and he knew it.

Then there is the ex. I recently met up with him to catch up. We had stayed in touch over the past few years but also haven’t seen each other in that long. There was nothing going on just two old friends catching up. And trust me nothing was going to happen because when he opened the door, any attraction that might have been there was immediately gone.

While we were sitting there he was getting text messages from his girlfriend, who he told me had almost the minute we sat down at the table, just to make sure there was no confusion of what was going to happen, Really?

So in the short amount of time we were at this bar, 1 hour, they were texting and she was freaking out. And he did show me one of them. I honestly don’t know what he told her before he left for the night of if he even told her he was going out for the night but she was PISSED.

Then he told me he is getting to old for this drama. But he decided he should have her meet him at his place and he should go home and deal with it all. Which I agreed was the best decision. He did ask if I wanted to meet her so that she would know nothing was happening and I said no because it would make things ten times worse and wouldn’t matter that we were just old friends who did business together, she has her own ideas in her head of what was happening.

The next day I emailed him to make sure everything was okay and he said there was drama he is going to lay low and that I shouldn’t email or text him and would tell me the story another time.

So even though he said he doesn’t want the drama, he actually does because he is choosing to stay with her. Obviously since they have been together a little over a year he wants to make it work but when he was talking to me he sounded like he was over it all.

But some guys love the drama



  1. SD Single Girl said,

    Amen! They tend to confuse the drama for excitement… Though men get older, they don’t necessarily mature… And saying “they are getting too old for drama” is only half true… That half is the first part of that statement lol!!

  2. What Could Have Been « Plus Size Girl Dating said,

    […] other guys, I go back and think about him and the fun we had and wonder what if. But after seeing him a month ago, I realize we met each other at a time when we needed someone to lean on and take away the pain of […]

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