Up In The Air

June 8, 2010 at 7:45 am (dating, life, random) (, , , , )

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Today I finally got the chance to watch the movie, “Up In The Air”.  I had been told that I need to watch it and finally gave in and got it. Though it deals with people getting laid off, the deeper message is that all of our lives are up in the air.

The people in the movie didn’t see it coming that they were going to lose their job, some have been with the company over 20 years.

We don’t always see things coming. Our lives can change in a year, a month, a day or even a minute. We don’t always know what is going to come next and that is part of the excitement.

Sometimes the things that happen are not happy such as a loss of a relationship, loss of a friendship or loss of a loved one. Those things happen sometimes for reasons we can’t understand.

But those happy times; the birth of a child, the start of a friendship, a wedding or even the start of a relationship, those are the things that bring a smile to our face.

Though I don’t know what happens next for me and the crush, I am happy that things are up in the air. Makes the whole journey that much more enjoyable and exciting.

I will keep you all posted.


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  1. Shayrgo Barazi said,

    meh it was an OK movie. I would give it a 6.5/10. I was able to relate though b/c of my struggles in this economy.

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