Sexting is just not for teens

June 13, 2010 at 7:54 pm (dating, life) (, , , )

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We have all heard how popular sexting is with teens, but sexting is even more common with adults, specifically in 30 year olds. Many of my friends and I text more than we talk with each other on the phone. It is a quick and easy way to send a message, especially when you don’t have to much to say.

The crush and I (both of us in our 30s, one of us closer to 40), not only text but occasionally sext each other. Since he travels all the time for work it keeps things interesting and builds anticipation until the next time we see each other. We never go into great detail but sometimes we text about the last time we were together or even what we want to do the next time. Come to think about it, we barely talk to each other on the phone, even when he is in town.

I know of a couple of friends that sext their significant other or their “friend with benefits” from time to time. I have sexted “friends with benefits” in the past. Obviously I don’t anymore because of things with the crush.

I don’t see anything wrong with sexting. I don’t send naughty pictures through a text as you never know whose hands they might end up in. I do trust those I have sexted in the past and even the crush but you never know. What if their phone is lost or even gets stolen. Yes I am a little paranoid that way.

So don’t be afraid of it, embrace sexting. It is very hot and fun. If you haven’t sexted before, though I am sure most of you have, read this article about the tips of sexting for adults.


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