Objects in Mirror Are Not Always as They Appear

July 3, 2010 at 2:29 am (dating, life) (, , , , , )

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I know the saying is, “Objects in mirror are closer then they appear”, but for sometimes when we look into a mirror what we think is there, really isn’t. This can happen in life and in relationships. This really became true for me very recently. Things were looking good with the crush, when he was gone for work, he would send me a quick message either saying he missed me or couldn’t wait to see me. He also told me he didn’t want me to think that all he wanted was just “fun”. I took this as a good sign. And after talking to a few guy friends (who told me that I need to let him know what I want and just let the chips fall and be ready for what he says), I decided to tell the crush that I want something more then just something casual. After I made that decision it was a couple of weeks before I told him, mostly because we were both busy with work.

Yesterday afternoon I got the chance to tell him. I told him in person that I really like him (which I have already told him), and he said he likes me too. Even though we had spent some time together, I picked the moment right before he had to leave for work to tell him. After we said goodbye and I got in the car, I texted him to tell him that even though we are both busy I want something more than just casual. I didn’t get a response and knew it was because he was heading to work on concentrating on that. I called a friend of mine to tell her what happened. Her and I chatted for a bit then later on in the evening I called her again. I was feeling bad that I had told him this when he was worrying about work and asked her if I should text him to tell him that. She said yes and I told him that and also that I would like to talk to him more about it when we had more time and also asked him about work. Since he was done working he responded within minutes telling me that work was good and that we are both just so busy that we wouldn’t be able to put as much into something more. He also said he hope we can still be friends and not have anything weird between us. I let him know I completely understand and I don’t want anything weird between us either.

Do I think he sent me some mixed signals? Honestly… yes. Does it suck a little? Yes. And honestly I don’t want things to be weird between us and I want to stay friends. Because honestly, I would rather have him in my life as a friend than not at all.


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