I’m a Fighter

July 6, 2010 at 9:06 am (dating) (, , , , )

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Even though I was having a great time hanging out alone this Holiday weekend, the night of the 4th I was feeling a little bit lonely. Since I don’t have any close friends out here like I do back home, it is hard at times. I couldn’t even see any fireworks from my house, though I could hear them.  I did actually email the no longer crush looking for fun before he leaves but haven’t heard back from him which I now realize is a good thing. I am actually going to see him at his work tomorrow, (he is an entertainer). There is actually another entertainer there that I know as well so it won’t be too weird that I am going. I am just going to go, watch the show, say Hi to him quick and then leave. My guy friends are awesome and have been giving me lots of advice and my one guy friend told me just to give him more space then he needs, which is exactly what I am going to do. I am secretly happy that he will be traveling for work on and off for the next few weeks.

And since I am a woman with needs and well no longer going to fulfill those needs with the no longer crush (don’t worry I am brainstorming a different name for him), I have two others that help me, M and JB (my crush from last year). JB has been gone for the past four months in Europe, traveling and well looking for a bride. I was worried about him looking for a woman over there because many times they take advantage of men from the states. Also since he has been gone, I didn’t feel I really wanted to see him once he got back. It wasn’t that I don’t want to be a part of his life, it is just well I thought things were going somewhere with the crush, and since they aren’t, I am throwing caution to the wind. JB and I have been emailing the past couple of days and I am looking forward to him coming back. Not sure if I will fulfill my needs with him but it will be good to catch up. We will see what happens in another week when he gets back to LA.

Was hard to pick a video for this post but thought this one said it all and I love Xtina.


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