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A friend and I went to see the RC (the now former crush’s new nickname). Based on the advice a lot of my guy friend gave me and because I agreed with them, I took a friend with me because it wouldn’t be as nerve-wracking as going alone. My friend and I got there a little early because we both wanted to have dinner and they had food. Another friend of mine was performing too and she got there before RC and came and said Hi to us. I will admit I was nervous because RC and I hadn’t even talked since I told him that I wanted something more. Then he walked in, looked around, saw me and came over and gave me a big hug. And yes the hug felt good and actually made me feel better. It calmed me down and I was able to enjoy the night. RC and talked about what we had done for the holiday and what was going on in our lives. We also were ripping on each other a bit, so kept things lite and humorous. Then he went up to perform and was great. After he was done, he asked me how he did and said he would walk me and my friend out. He waited for us to pay our bill and walked us out.

Once we got to my car he gave me a hug and said he would be gone for the next three weeks. We said goodnight and as I was driving home I texted him to tell him the show was good. He texted back, “Thanks and tell your friend I really appreciate her coming too.” I didn’t think too much into that comment until the next day. My friend told me that he sent her a private message on a certain social media site thanking her again for coming out and telling her she is really cute. When she told me I just felt my stomach drop once again. It did sting a little bit. She did say she wasn’t going to message him back and that he really isn’t her type which I sort of already knew. I told her I appreciate her telling me and that it is a sign of a true friend.

I could have called him on it but decided not to. I mean honestly he must think that women don’t talk or that my friend might be one of those girls that would not tell me and he could completely get way with it. Or like my mom said after I told her, he did that because he knew it would get back to me and is testing me to see if I can truly handle just being friends with him, which I think I am doing just fine. That night him and I were emailing back and forth about his show and well something he posted on his page about not having game and that he was surprised that he got me to like him. And I told him I am sure he has game and that I enjoy spending time with him and getting to know him.

Another friend of mine I talked to about this asked what I would do if somewhere down the road he changed his mind about wanting something more with me. When she first asked me I wasn’t sure. But the more I talked to her I thought I might be open to it. Would it be easy? No. But like my friend said sometimes it isn’t. She and her husband broke up once a year after dating and now they are happy.


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