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July 11, 2010 at 4:54 am (dating, random) (, , , )

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They say the best way to get over someone is to meet someone else. Even though I sort of believe it, I decided to get back to browsing anyway.

When I logged in, I had a bunch of matches that they sent me. Some were good looking and had similar interests. Others, well I don’t understand how Chemistry does their matching. They sent me guys that were looking for someone that was looking for a girl with a different body type than me, didn’t like sports, or was looking for someone no older then 25, (Yeah that guy is 41). Really?

Then there was a very good looking guy who noticed me. He is a single dad or a little girl, loves sports, and admitted in his profile to liking a couple of chick flicks. Since now you can email the person right away, I emailed him. It was short and flirty. So then it was a couple of days and no response. So I looked in “my not reallys”, and he put no spark. WHAT? Did he really express interest in me or is that something that Chemistry did. I couldn’t understand it. The other thing I can’t understand about these guys is when they decide that there is no spark they don’t always give a reason. How hard is it to click on the drop down box and click, Not A Good Fit. I even do that. Some guys do put a reason such as, physical distance to far, not a good fit or different interests, but many don’t.

Even though I was frustrated getting back into again, I am communicating with a couple of guys now. We will see what happens.


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