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Tonight I was watching CSI:Miami and at the end they were playing one of my favorite songs (those who know me know I have lots of favorite songs), “Give Me Strength” by Snow Patrol.

This song got me thinking about the things that I have been through and the strength and support I have gotten from my friends and family. It has helped me through so many tough times. It helped me when I lost my grandparents and aunts. It helped me when my mom has been in the hospital. It helped me when I moved out to California. It helped me when I got divorced. It helped me through every breakup. And today it helps me when I am having those down days about my business and life in general. Sometimes it is hard living so far from home but my family and friends back home always support me.

One person in California that has seen me through my ups and downs since my divorce is M. He first met me 4 months after my ex-husband left. M saw me at my darkest time when I was still living in the apartment my ex and I shared. When I moved in with a roommate the first thing he said to me was, “Wow this place is so much better for you. You look so happy.” And he was right. He came to see me after I fell at work and my knee was the size of a softball. He has seen me when I was upset about my full-time job at the time. He has seen me when my mom was rushed to the hospital. He has seen me start a business. He always asks how things are going in my life and what is new and exciting and not just to make small talk, he does it because he cares. I have been there for him too when things in his life are up and down. When I see his work on the screen I get excited. I have been understanding that I can’t see him all the time because his job keeps him busy and he truly appreciates that. I always ask about his family and let him vent when he needs to. I give him a hug when he needs it and always flash my smile for him.

And when we say goodbye to each other until the next time, he says “Be good, do good things” and I know he means it.

Here is a song about strength tapped at an amazing venue, Royal Albert Hall


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