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When online dating there are many people, men and women, that misrepresent themselves. We also do it outside of dating. The biggest culprits of misrepresentation is the media. Since I have been sick, I was home tonight flipping through the channels and landed on ABC’s “What Would You Do”. This show gets actors and puts them in situations where they might need help and wait to see if passerbys stop to help them. Tonight’s episode that was a rebroadcast,  OUTRAGED me.

Tonight they took college aged actors and put them in hazing situations. The guys saran wrapped up the pledges and the females made their pledges chug beer. While I was watching this I didn’t realize that these students were actors and not involved in greek life. Some people did stop to make the students stop what they were doing.

The thing that outraged me was not only the lack of people that stopped, it was the fact that there was hazing. This show was trying to show that there is hazing in all greek organizations. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! I am an alum of a sorority and I can say there was never any hazing. The media takes a story of a student dying because of drinking and assume that because he was pledging a fraternity that hazing was involved. There are students all over the country that go to college and binge drink, many who are not involved in Greek Life. And I know the reason the reaired this episode was because students are heading back to college soon.

It is stories like this that steer young students away from getting involved. For me being a part of a sorority while on campus was one of the best experiences of my life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Below is the link to the story and video



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