Memories and Goodbye

August 9, 2010 at 10:30 pm (dating, life) (, , , , , , )

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This past weekend, I decided to start cleaning. And I don’t mean just cleaning around the house, I mean doing some summer cleaning, going through all of those papers I thought I need to keep. I found notebooks with book ideas, notebooks with nothing in them, random electrical cords and my wedding album. It is more than just our wedding, it is the pictures of me and the ex on date night, holidays, fun with friends, and the wedding of one of our friends. It brought back memories and feelings. Feelings of happiness and excitement. Pictures of our date night were times at Universal Citywalk, our friend’s comedy night, a night at Magic Mountain with friends and sometimes just hanging at home. Yes we did take pictures of us at home, mostly because we would act goofy, sometimes him more than me. (One of the things I loved about him)

I will admit it did bring back those feelings, the strong feelings I had for him. It reminded me of the nights we used to just sit up all night and talk. It reminded me of the nights we had dinner together when neither one of us was working. It also reminded me that I can be that happy in a relationship and even though it is taking time to find that person, I know he somewhere out there.

Now I pack that album away in a place where I don’t have to see it. Yes I will still keep it because I like having pictures of memories and good times in my life. These pictures will just be packed away.

Oh and I also found a sassy picture of myself that made me think I need to change my hair color again.



  1. tachygirl said,

    love the song you posted.

  2. signorinabea said,

    I only dated my ex for a year, and there are so many memories. It must be really tough for you. On another note, I decided to color my hair today and I’m loving it!

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