Things are looking up

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I know it’s been over a month since my last post. No I didn’t stop writing for good or disappear. Okay maybe I did disappear for a little bit, I was just trying to work some things going on in my life. And well there wasn’t much excitement going on. I could bore you with the details but let’s just say I realized that California is where I need to be and that I can make it through anything life throws my way.

That nice guy I talked about in my last post, well..he emailed me to tell me he was getting back with his ex. And now I am glad he did.

About a month ago, I posted an ad on Craigslist. I sometimes do that when I am bored, just to see what happens. I actually met JB that way and we have been friends for three years. So it isn’t all scary. Now as a girl you get lots of responses and 90% of them are bad. You get the guys who email one line, the ones that want to meet you that night at 11pm, the ones that send you pictures of their penis (guys that is not a turn on), and then you get the nice ones.

The nice ones are few and far between and some times hard to spot but occassionally they show up. I started emailing back and forth with a couple of them. One of them though seemed nice, started flaking when we made plans. Yes he was out. And one I went on a date with but he seemed so nervous and it just wasn’t fun. I later found out I was the second person he has met since his separation from his wife. (It was very obvious.) Then I met one who is very nice, cute, from the East Coast, in his early 40’s and did I mention cute. We almost didn’t go out though. See when I post an ad I never put my picture on there and well this guy eventually asked for mine. I thought I had sent it to him but the day of the date he emailed to cancel since I hadn’t sent him a picture. I at first was upset but quickly sent him an email apologizing as I was caught up with client projects and thought I had sent it. And yes I attached my picture to that email. He got back to me apologizing and wanted to still go out.

We met at a local dive bar and when I walked in, I thought, “He is even cuter in person”. He smiled when he saw me and I did the same back. We spent the night talking and eventually he walked me to my car. He asked when we could do this again and made plans for that Friday. WOW I was so not used to this, a first date and right away making plans for a second. And he didn’t just say lets do something Friday, he actually planned the date. Since that night we had 5 dates in the two weeks before I headed back to the Midwest for a lil R & R. After I got back we have seen each other twice and been talking a lot. Every time I see him, I just smile and well he does the same. And much to the surprise of my friends and well myself we have not had sex yet. I know so not like me but I want to take this slow and he has been very respectful of that.  I won’t lie we have done other things, many other things, but we are taking our time getting to know each other, and I really like it.

I know if I would have met this guy earlier this year I might not have been ready for him, I was still working through a few things. I am very happy I didn’t dismiss him after that email and decided to pursue it. He is very much a gentleman and have I mentioned cute.

Things are looking up for me: new boy, part time job and working out a lot.

Oh and if you live in LA and want to see me do an insane obstacle course of even join me in doing the Gladiator Rock ‘n Run to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation. This is a cause that is near to me as I have a seizure disorder. It should be a fun day. Even if you don’t want to participate come out to cheer me on or laugh at me. Either is fine. Trust me I won’t mind.

It is December 4th in Irvine and there is still time to sign up.
This was the song playing the first night I went to the new boy’s place.



  1. Rain said,

    I met my husband on craigslist! So it can happen. We now have a very cute story to tell our future children. I adore your blog, so keep on updating!

    • ljmaggie said,

      Thank you so much. I know I took to long to update but now it seems like there is so much happening. Glad to know that I am not the only one who checks the personals on craigslist.

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