Time to be thankful

November 22, 2010 at 5:52 am (dating, Job, life) (, , , , , , )

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Thanksgiving is on Thursday and everyone takes time to give thanks for the things in their life. For me it has been a year of rediscovering who I am and what I want to do. It has been a really tough year. Being self-employed isn’t always as glamorous as it sounds. Yes it is great to be able to make your schedule. This benefit has allowed me to see M a lot more than last year. It has allowed me to go to a lot of networking events that before I was not able to and because of that I have made new friends. I have had clients who are still clients today and also had clients where we worked together and for various reasons we parted ways.

The down side to being self-employed is that you don’t make enough money. You can have a number of clients but sometimes they don’t pay on time or they are having a slow time in their business so they can’t pay you. It has caused me stress and moments when I would call mom crying hysterically. Early this fall I even contemplated moving back to the Midwest, to move back in with my parents and save money.

I am happy that I didn’t move back to the Midwest because right before I went back there to visit, I met a nice guy who is nice, respectful, goofy, geeky like me, a writer and really cute. After I got back from my trip I got offered a part time job in the leasing office of my building. I have been there a few weeks and well the commute is great.

I think if I would have moved back, I would have missed out on some amazing things and a great person. I also wouldn’t have realized that I really want to get my writing consulting business going again because I LOVE helping other writers.

I am thankful for my supportive family and friends, new beginnings, and rediscovering what I really want.

Even though at times I feel like I am sinking at times, I am still swimming


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