Holidays and Dating

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It is Christmas Eve and I am sitting at home doing a Redbox movie marathon and ION television is doing a Criminal Minds marathon starting at 3pm. (Spending the afternoon with my chocolate boyfriend Shemar Moore. He came in all the time where I used to work and is the nicest guy.)

No I am not spending the holidays with the new man. I didn’t really force the issue since he seems like someone who like me needs to take things slow. Next week we will have been dating three months and at times it has been hard for me to get used to his schedule and him just wanting to relax at home by himself. My mom said “You are used to M’s schedule so why aren’t you okay with the man’s schedule”. My response to her was, “That is because I know nothing more is going to happen with M, this new man there is a possibility of something more”. This past Monday we celebrated his birthday (his birthday is Christmas day). I went all out baking a cake, getting his presents and also the champagne he wanted. I gave him his gifts and since they were a popular tv show we popped them into the DVD player and enjoyed the evening. And again like the week before things were even more passionate than they had been before. Things were different in a good way and I had a feeling it was the night we would hit a home run and we did. It was sort of like the episode of Sex and the City when Carrie and Berger did it for the first time. After though he sat up, asked for one of the chocolate chip cookies I made and had me sit in front of him and put his arms around me and pulled me close to him. It was a very good night despite the lil bit of awkwardness.

We had talked about possibly doing something last night but late in the afternoon he told me he had been sleeping in all day and wanted to relax before his two days of socializing. I was a lil upset because I was looking forward to seeing him but then he sent me a message saying some items from my Amazon wish list would be coming Monday. Who knows maybe he felt bad that he hadn’t gotten me anything yet and didn’t want to upset me. I am trying very hard to not look at what he bought me and patiently waiting for Monday to come.

Even though I am not doing anything today, my family will be calling me later while they celebrate the holiday at my older brother’s house. Since my little brother won’t be getting my nephew until later tonight they will be celebrating tomorrow with my parents and will be calling me and hopefully through Skype. I am also going to a friend’s house tomorrow for dinner. So I won’t be totally alone for the holiday. I am upset though that the Christmas Football game will be on the NFL Network and that CBS won’t be showing my Patriots game on Sunday.

Hope everyone has a great holiday!

One of my favorite holiday songs


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