First sleepover…

January 1, 2011 at 9:53 pm (dating) (, , , , , , , , , , )

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…well sort of.

Since the man was sick on Monday we planned a date for Thursday night. In planning our date, I suggested a sleepover and he said it would be a good idea. I was excited after three months of dating we were having our first sleepover. (As I have said before we are taking things very slow. )

He was bringing over stuff to make pancakes for dinner (yes we love breakfast for dinner), the DVDs I got him for his birthday and Christmas, as well as my Christmas gifts. When he showed up he had boxes and his overnight bag. He started making the pancakes and as we were eating he handed me my presents and I loved them all. After dinner we cuddled on the bed and watched the DVDs. As the night went on we got intimate with each other and were having a great night.

Then it got late and we figured we should get some sleep. He had to take out his contacts and when looking for his contact stuff and glasses he realized he left them at home. Since he can’t see without either he had to go home. Granted we did get to spend a lot of time together, I just was a little down. I was looking forward to waking up next to him. He did apologize and I could tell he felt bad. He even said he was looking forward to the morning as well. As he was leaving he left the stuff to make the pancakes as well as some mail he brought over. When he got home he texted me and I let him know that he left his stuff here. He said he would be back in the near future to get them. We texted a bit the next morning and wished each other happy new year.

No we did not spend the holiday together. A couple of days before I had suggested we do something for New Years Eve but he told me he was going to be going to various friends’ houses and we didn’t talk about it again.

Though I was a little down about him having to leave the night of our sleepover and not spending the new years together, it confirmed even more that I need to take things slow with this one. Not sure what will happen in the new year but I have a feeling it will be good.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!


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