Ah..The Bachelor

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Tonight starts another season of The Bachelor. As I have admitted before I am closet lover of the show. I don’t watch the night it is on, instead I watch it online, mostly so I don’t have to sit through the commercials. I also check out what  Reality Steve has to say on his sites. He does have some great inside information.

So when Brad Womack (the new bachelor) did his first run on this reality show, he was liked but in the end he chose no one. Which shocked viewers and broke the hearts of two women, Jenni Croft and DeAnna Papas. I personally loved DeAnn myself.

Now he is back and claimed he has changed and wants to find a partner. He has already said that he found love. So we all know he at least ends up with one woman and does not break her heart. That is a good sign. The promos for this season are pretty funny with one woman slapping him across the face and telling him it is from all women in America. Apparently the producers and ABC did not tell the women who the Bachelor would be. Normally they will tell the contestants who the Bachelor or Bachelorette will be before they go on the show. You can understand why in this case they didn’t.

Brad also has 30 women to choose from this time and not the 20 he had the first time, and well they have said Brad will be showing off his body more. Now if that isn’t a reason to watch this season. They will be getting the female audience back with that one. One other twist ABC has added- the two women that were dumped by Brad will be coming back to face him. The look on his face during that promo is just priceless.

I will be watching it online once it is posted. (Mostly because the man and I have a standing Monday night date and I don’t think he would watch it.) Will you be watching? And do you think he has really changed?




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  1. cocktailsattiffanys said,

    I cannot wait to see the woman slap him! This season definitely looks saucy.

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