Men like to…

January 8, 2011 at 9:30 am (dating) (, , , , , )

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…feel needed. It is very true. One of my clients is a dating and relationship coach for women over 40. Granted I am not her target audience but I have taken away some tidbits here and there. She says it is good to be an independent woman but occasionally ask for a man’s help. They will puff up and will give a boost to their ego. (Giving them compliments from time to time will do that too.)

So last night I took that advice with the man. A couple of days ago I sent him a message lettinghim know my new couch was coming and that I might need help putting it together (it was from a store website  so some assembly is required). He let me know during the day that he could come by after work to help. The couch arrived and I pulled it out of the box and thought I could put it together myself, (I did put together two bookcases myself when the directions clearly stated it was a two person job.), but I decided to wait until he came over to help. When he came over he thought I had put it together already but I told him the legs needed to be screwed in and there were two of the back cushions hidden in the bottom of the couch. This meant we would have to put the couch on its side. I went to lift it and he told me to switch spots with him so he could lift it for me, we pulled the cushions out and he screwed in the legs and then we put the couch into position. Then I also was having an issue with my digital box. He must have worked on that thing for 30 minutes, trying everything he could to fix it but nothing worked. It was so cute to watch him do it though.

After he was done I thanked him for helping me with the couch and also trying to fix that box. He was all smiles. Then we ordered Thai, sat on the new couch and watched a dvd of our favorite show. We also did something else, we talked and got to know each other more, talking about things we hadn’t talked about before. And even though the clothes never came off, we had a really great night.

So to all of the independent ladies out there, it is okay to ask for a man’s help from time to time. Just remember to not become dependent on them for everything.


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