The EX is coming

March 10, 2011 at 6:16 pm (dating, life) (, , , , )

It was a lil over five years ago, October 3rd 2005 to be exact, that I drove THE EX to LAX so he could move back home to Australia. I can’t remember the exact date we got married but I can remember that day he left like it was yesterday.

Now in less than three weeks he is coming to LA for a visit. Once again I will be going to LAX to pick him up but I know this time he is just here for a few days and he is staying with me. Yes I know it sounds risky, considering we haven’t seen each other in five years, but nothing is going to happen. My friends and even my own mother are predicting that something will in fact happen while he is here. Why would I let anything happen? I am with JS and I am happy, even though he pissed me off yesterday. Aside from that, things are good and the week THE EX is here, will be my six month anniversary of dating JS. If he realizes that I am sure he won’t be happy that I will be spending time with my ex.

My mom suggested I let THE EX sleep in my bed and I sleep on the couch so he is not tempted to crawl into bed with me. This is an option I am considering. He has told me he is going to take me to nice dinners and the movies which will be nice, considering our dinners out when we were married consisted of going to Sizzler. (What can I say we didn’t have a lot of money then.)

I am excited to see him and catch up with him. Now I hope I see JS before THE EX comes and what I will tell him when I do.



  1. Single Girl said,

    What does JS think of all this? Girlll, I smell trouble!

  2. The Single Girl said,

    Good luck…being friends (or friendly) with the ex can be risqué,, so I’d say definitely take the couch option, if it will help you to avoid doing anything you might regret!

  3. ljmaggie said,

    Well I just found the other day that the EX was coming for sure. And I haven’t seen JS since before I found out. I feel like it is something I should tell him in person.

    The EX and I have talked on and off for the past five years and he even bought my plane ticket so I could fly back to the Midwest to visit my family.

    And yes I will be sleeping on the couch for sure. Not taking any chances.

  4. ljmaggie said,

    Crisis adverted…explained things to the EX and he said he will stay in a hotel when he gets here.

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