Let the fun begin!

March 28, 2011 at 3:59 pm (dating, life) (, , , , )

In a lil over an hour the EX will be landing in Los Angeles. And because of events that happened last week, he will be taking a cab.

I decided that since JS and I are just ‘friends with benefits’, it would be okay that the EX stay with me. I also didn’t tell JS that the EX was coming at all, I just told him I am busy all week and he just thinks it has to do with my car situation.

Which gets me to why the EX is taking a cab. Last week, while driving to help a client with their event, my car died and on the freeway. Not fun. I was shaking and upset, naturally. The mechanic told me I could fix one of the parts that was busted and hope for the best. I had everyone praying, unfortunately that was not the issue and it would cost a lot to fix it. My car is older and it wasn’t worth it. So once again I find myself without car here in Los Angeles. I did it once before when I first moved out here, when I was living in Hollywood. Now I am in the Valley, a lil further away from some things but still able to get around. I am fortunate that I do live close to grocery stores, banks and the post office. Taking the bus hasn’t been horrible yet.

There was an upside to last week before the car died, M called. Yes last week I spent an afternoon with M. It was exactly what I needed after the whole JS situation. It is like M knows when I have been having a tough time. We met up like we usually do and again he made me laugh and forget about anything bad in my life.

The EX coming will cheer me up as well. He could make me laugh and we always have great talks. I am a little nervous because we haven’t seen each other in over five years.  I am guessing we will have fun though.

Now to finish getting ready before the EX gets here. Don’t worry I will keep you all updated.


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