Done with Internet Dating

April 26, 2011 at 1:52 am (dating, life) (, , , , )

After everything going on in the past month, the car dying, JS telling me we are just friends with benefit and The EX visiting, I decided to get back into internet dating. Don’t get me wrong, the visit with The EX was good. It really gave me the kick in the butt I needed for my business.  I also have been hanging out with JS from time to time, enjoying the conversation and well the company is good too.

In thinking about everything going on  I  decided to get back on This was a big mistake. Chemistry has been matching me with guys who are not looking for a 34 year old, curvy, divorced white girl who wants kids. I seriously got matched with guys who are looking for a girl no older than 25, some that are looking for an Asian or African-American woman, a woman that has never been married and girl who is slender. They have also been matching me with guys who have kids but don’t want to have more kids. I’m not really sure what Chemistry is looking at when they say they have matched me with a new member, because I don’t seem to be getting matched with anyone that is even looking for a girl like me. The whole process has gotten me even more frustrated with dating and I am over online dating.

Not sure if would even be reading my blog, but seriously you need to look closer when matching people.



  1. Crystal R. Martin said,

    I swear by Okcupid. First it is free, that is the ultimate beginning. Second, they match you with questions and other such triviailties, but so far it seems to work. Now I’m not saying it’s perfect, I’ve met my share of “Interesting” people, but I have also had a lot of fun. I would recommend trying it out, before giving up all hope. It’s free, what do you have to lose? I too am in my thirties, and dating is hard at this age and stage. We need to stick together. Sorry to hear you are frustrated. Big Hugs!


    • ljmaggie said,

      Chemistry does ask you questions and they have new chemistry starters you can send to a potential as well. I think I might take a break from it all. Just feel so burned by it all lately.

  2. The Single Girl said,

    Oh dear, this does sound a little like a nightmare…hopefully things will start looking up after your hiatus 🙂

  3. Annette said,

    I always thought internet dating would be fun–kinda like a home shopping network of previously used men. But then I got rejected by eHarmony (2001). That was a bummer. But I met my husband in a strip club, so that made for a much better “how we met” story. 😉

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