Happy Mothers Day

May 8, 2011 at 7:53 pm (life) (, , , )

Today is the day we celebrate Mothers everywhere. Flowers are on sale, restaurants do special buffets and girls are in their Sunday best.

I have been fortunate to have an amazing mother who has supported me in everything I do. When I told her I was moving to California in 2004 she took the news a little hard but she knew it was something I had to do. Since moving here she has calmed me down when I call her crying and it is 2am in Wisconsin. She has supported me when I am having a tough time and we talk to each other every day. When people ask her if it is tough having a daughter living so far away she tells them, “I always knew she wouldn’t stay in Wisconsin, she was always my little traveler. I just didn’t think it would be California but thank god for cell phones.”

All of the mothers in my life are amazing and extroadanry women. My grandmother lost her husband, my mother’s dad, when my mom was only 9 years old. She had 4 girls under the age of 11. She raised them on her own for many years until she met my grandfather, my mom’s stepdad. My grandmother is a very strong woman and raised her girls to be the same. My aunts and my mom have all been through a lot and have come out even stronger. I have lost 2 of my aunts but they fought every step of the way.  I also have 2 nieces that are mothers, yes I am a great aunt. Even though they were under the age of 20 when they had their daughters they work hard, continue their education and are always there for their daughter.

So Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there.


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