The games Men play

May 31, 2011 at 9:00 am (dating, entertainment) (, , , , )

Like I said last week, I always tell myself I won’t watch the Bachelorette but somehow I always get sucked in.

The main reason why I am sucked in like a lot of women across the U.S., is the whole situation with Bentley. The fact that the producers allowed him stay on the show even with those on camera confessionals Bentley gave after his time with Ashley, just pisses me off even more.

They allow a guy who admitted he hoped the Bachelorette would be Emily and that he has no feelings for Ashley to stay on the show, knowing that Ashley was heartbroken last season and will be again. Now I get that these reality shows are edited for the drama and craziness factor. I have friends in the entertainment industry and well it is really no secret. But seriously why mess with a girl’s emotions like that. (Side note-Just found this blog post by Chris Harrison about how he warned Ashley about this guy and they almost shut down production because of what happens next week.)

The thing that bugs me even more is the fact that Ashley said she can tell when someone is being sincere and someone isn’t and thinks Bentley is being sincere. I just want to shake her and tell her “He isn’t. The reasons you heard why he is on this show are true”. But she got sucked in by his charms and well she thinks he is cute (which personally I don’t think he is cute at all). I guess from my experience I could tell that Bentley is a game player. Must be part of the reason him and his ex got a divorce.

He admitted in Monday night’s episode that he is very competitive and is just playing the game. There are seriously guys out there like him. They play these games on women and think they are big studs. Like any woman should be lucky to have him. The woman gets so sucked into it she starts believing everything the guy says and some where down the road her heart gets broken. Just like the promos have been.

Just like I was four years ago. I met someone who charmed me and I fell for it. During our relationship the charm eventually left, I found out he wasn’t the nicest guy and he also cheated on me. It broke my heart and I am still pretty guarded especially when a guy is really nice.

These guys have no regard for other people or their feelings. All they care about is themself and just play the numbers game. These guys think they are god’s gift to women. These are guys who eventually end up alone and realize when it is to late (if they ever do) that they messed up.

I can’t even imagine what Ashley is thinking or feeling as she watching this season. She must feel very betrayed not only by Bentley but I would think by the producers as well. I know I would be. Bentley is just on the show to have fun and boost his business. I wonder if Bentley is even dating anyone now and if he is, is this girl still around?

And yes, I will be watching next week to find out what happens.


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