Mixed Signals

June 17, 2011 at 9:30 am (dating) (, , , )

We have all experienced them. Either we are the ones giving them off or are receiving them. I have been guilty of giving them twice but I seem to have been on the receiving end a few more times than that.

Well recently it seems I am getting a few of them from JS. After we had the talk back in March I have been a little more distant with him. I am keeping myself busier and also not allowing him to change plans on me. It is not like he did it all the time before. It only happened once or twice for either being sick, or something came up. The being sick thing I can understand but changing plans last minute for something else is something I allowed to happen. A month ago he wanted to change our plans. Two days before we were supposed to go out he told me he found out about a bday party he should go to and wanted to change the night we go out. I told him I was busy the night he wanted to change it to. (And yes I really was.) So he told me he would tell everyone he already had plans and we went out on the night we originally planned. I don’t text him as much and when trying to plan a night to go out I only give him two options.

Since doing that he is even more attentive. He also has left a few items at my house, not clothes or anything like that but other things. The one day I was having a bad day he came over for a little bit even though we had seen each other earlier in the week. He came over just to cheer me up. I occasionally offer to pay for things, like we go to the movies, I will pay for the tickets and he will pay for dinner and concessions. When I do that he tells me he appreciates it. When he went to his alma mater a few weeks ago I asked him to get me a shirt from there and I would pay him back. He remembered to bring it over last night and I loved it. I asked him how much I owe him for it and he said, “Don’t worry about it” and I thanked him for it.

When I talk to my guy friends about this they suggest that possibly somewhere down the road things could be something more. I tell them of course I would like that to happen because I really do like him but since we had that talk in March I am just taking it one day at a time.


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