Captain America and the ice cube

July 25, 2011 at 9:34 am (dating, entertainment, life) (, , )

I headed home for a few days last week. I went back for my nephew’s baptism and a friend’s wedding. It was great spending time with everyone and just getting away from it all for a bit.

A couple of days before I left JS and I went to see Horrible Bosses which was hilarious. So funny in fact that the whole theater was laughing. Then the day I was leaving JS sent me a text telling me to have a safe trip. I asked him if he had any requests of things to bring back and he just wanted a shirt. We planned to see each other for the opening night of Captain America. We are both fans of The Avengers movies so it was the perfect date. At the theater we had a couple of drinks and headed to the movie. The movie was amazing. And for those of you that aren’t familiar with any of the Avenger superhero movies, I recommend you stay and wait for the credits to end because you will see a trailer for the much-anticipated The Avengers movie coming out next May.

Once we got back to my place we both got a glass of water and started to kiss. I pulled my face away at one point because my hair was in my face and he said, “Hey get back here”. As we continued to make out we eventually moved towards my bed. I could tell that he missed me. Then I had to tell him that there wasn’t much I could do. (Yes my body decided that morning to play a cruel joke on me, it couldn’t wait a day.) He did make sure that he turned me on. He is very good with his hands and mouth. At one point he rolled over to his side and reached for his glass of water. I thought he was just going to take a drink but instead he took an ice-cube out and started rub it over my chest very slowly. Since my body was already super sensitive this was a huge turn on. In fact there were a few spots on my body that were extremely sensitive that night. He made sure he went very slowly with the ice-cube and rubbed it on every inch of my chest. After he had made sure I enjoyed myself, I made sure I took care of him.

We both ended the night with a smile on our face.


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